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Having had a passion for woodwork from an early age, I discovered woodturning back in the late 80’s. It became my hobby, and it gradually became my main passion, occupying every spare moment.

I, like so many others, started in a small shed in the garden with a cheap imported lathe, giving away all my ‘masterpieces’ as presents.

I soon out grew this arrangement and decided to design and build a purpose built workshop, and buy a decent lathe.

Soon a confident turner I got on to the ‘craft fair circuit’ and was asked to undertake commissions. The biggest boost one can have is to find people actually want to give you money for your work. My work can be found in private collections in Australia, the USA and Belgium, as well as the UK.

I became well known in the local area of Essex where I live, I received invites to demonstrate at local woodwork clubs, and I was accepted into the GEC (Guild of Essex Craftsmen) & the AWGB (Association of Woodturners of Great Britain).

It was while I was demonstrating I was asked to teach somebody to turn, then another person and another, I soon realised that ‘would be’ turners were poorly catered for, particularly the complete novice, who had perhaps a tight budget, and so my woodturning courses were born. I taught in my spare time for over 10 years usually in my own workshop but occasionally at my customers own workshops.

Whilst fulfilling a woodturning commission I was asked whether I could make a small piece of furniture. One thing lead to another and I soon found my general woodworking was in as much demand as my turning.

The additional demand lead to the second workshop being built, and over the years the purchase of more and more machinery and equipment. I regularly upgraded my main lathe too; I'm now on my sixth lathe.

It was 2006 and Chelmer Woodturning was at its peak. Nearing retirement I took a change in career direction to give myself more free time to focus on Chelmer Woodturning & Woodworks. I registered as a business and began dealing in bespoke furniture commisions supported by a website and succesful ebay shop. I very much enjoyed the next 3 years but sadly I developed Fibromyalgia & Golfer's Elbow and had to wind down the company.

By 2009 I had stopped the demonstrating, lessons and furniture making. I launched this new website to celebrate the return of Chelmer Woodturning to a hobbyiest site, and the return of woodwork to being my hobby rather than trade.

Over the years I have met a lot of friendly and like minded people who find woodwork, in all its forms, a pleasure. People like you.

Please roam the site and I look forward to any feedback.

Kind Regards,


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