Built in 1995, the main workshop is approx. 12’ x 12’.

First job was a 12’ x 3’ x 9” thick raft of concrete on which to stand the lathes.

Main shop construction is 2 x 2 frame, lined with waterproof membrane, with a shiplap outer skin.

Interior walls are lined with 12mm chipboard, painted cream.

Main floor is ‘floating’ on 3 x 2 subframe, covered in 19mm shuttering ply.

The concrete raft is left bare to eliminate any vibration.

Roof is 19mm T&G board covered in felt.

This main workshop houses my Myford Mystro, table saw, thicknesser, pillar drill, bench etc. and is my main work area. With some clever use of machinery mounted on castors it all fits in very well.

Behind this main workshop is a small outhouse which houses my dust extraction unit.

My second workshop is really no more than a standard 10’ x 8’ pent roof shed, on 4 x 4 oak bearers.

This is my wood preparation and store shed, housing bandsaw, electric pull-through mitre saw, and Myford ML7 metal turning lathe. (yes, I like metal turning too, having gained an A level and C&G qualification I did once consider entering the engineering business)

If you would like information on setting up your own woodturning workshop, please Click Here

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